Have You ever read Fun Food Facts? If Yes, Now we give you McDonalds Nutrition Facts.The McDonalds Nutrition Facts available for you base on the menu and the kinds of food. The fast foods that provides in McDonalds usually contains of fats and calories. Therefore, if you are having a diet, you should prevent the fast food. But for your knowledge, here will be explained the nutrition in every meals or drink that the McDonalds has in the menu.

McDonalds Nutrition Facts

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As we know, McDonalds is the world’s largest and most popular fast food restaurants in the world that serve over 47millions customer every day. The hamburger which is available in McDonalds has 250 calories, with 9g total fat, 12g protein and 31g carbs for every 100g serving size according to McDonalds Nutrition Facts. Other burger just like the cheeseburger which has 114g in size contains of 300 calories, 12g total fat, 15g protein and 33g carbs. Other item menu on the McDonalds Nutrition Facts is double cheese burger for 165g size consists of 440 calories, 34g carbs, 25g protein and 23g fat.

Other kinds of food on the McDonalds Nutrition Facts are such as the Quarter Pounder which is 169g has 410 calories and the Quarter Pounder with cheese has more calories up to 510 calories with 198g. Moreover, double Quarter Pounder with cheese will has 740 calories in every 279g serving size. The Big Mac burger is also item menu that has been well-known. In the McDonalds Nutrition Facts, it is written that Big Mac has 540 calories in every 214g serving size. The Big N’ Tasty has less calories about 460 calories for 206g serving size.

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The chicken menu that on the menu of McDonalds Nutrition Facts has the calories varies from 360g up to 630 calories. The McChicken itself has low calories just 360 calories for 143g serving size. Other chickens menu such as Premium grilled chicken classic SW has 420 calories in every 226g serving size. The Premium Crispy chicken ranch BLT SW has more calories until 580 calories for 240g serving size. The chicken menu which has calories at the most is Premium Crispy chicken club SW which has reach until 630 calories for every 254g serving size. Actually, in the McDonalds Nutrition Facts, the grilled chickens less calories than the crispy one.

About the drinking and snacks in the McDonalds Nutritional Facts, it is said that the calories are about 260 up to 380 calories. The fact is the calories depend on the serving size. If you want to know more details of the nutrition of foods offered in McDonalds, you can go to the official site and download the list menu and amounts of calories plus vitamins and minerals that it has inside. But, the McDonalds Nutritional facts are commonly available when you want to order the foods in the restaurant. However, McDonalds has makes a commitment to provide healthy foods for the customers.