Have you ever read Facts About Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber is a current pop teen idol phenomenon who was born in London, Ontario, Canada on 1st March 1994. This pop teen idol who has stolen every young girl’s heart around the globe was raised in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. One of the facts about Justin Bieber is that his mother, Pattie Mellette, was only 18 years old when she was pregnant with her lovely son. Justin Bieber was raised by his single parent, which is his mother, in low-income housing. Jeremy Bieber, his biological father, still maintain contacts with his son who is now a really popular pop and R&B singer. Justin Bieber’s great-grandfather was a German immigrant. So, one of the facts about Justin Bieber is that he has German blood.

In his childhood, Bieber was more interested in certain sport games like hockey, soccer and chess. However, he was also talented with his musical aspirations. Bieber was learning to play certain musical instruments like piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet. Yes, he learned those musical instruments by himself; this is one of the facts about Justin Bieber. When he was 12, Bieber frequently got involved in particular local singing contests. He often times sang and covered various R&B songs. Bieber’s mother always recorded the videos of his son and uploaded them in YouTube. As times went by, Bieber’s popularity on YouTube was growing rapidly. There are other facts about Justin Bieber.

After that, Justin Bieber was contacted by a manager named Scooter Braun who later introduced Bieber to a famous singer, Usher. He didn’t take a long time; soon Bieber signs the contract deal with a popular recording company. His debut album got its best success. It was confirmed multi-platinum in the United States. The facts about Justin Bieber are he became the first artists whose 7 songs of his debut album were on Billboard Hot 100 chart and he got many music awards. To complete his success, Bieber has released his own movie called Never Say Never. Again, the movie became really successful in around the world. Thus, one of the facts about Justin Bieber is that he always makes his fans happy.

There are also several fun facts about Justin Bieber. Bieber is home-schooled; he gets his tutor traveled with him. Bieber is a claustrophobic; yes, this multitalented pop idol is afraid of escalators. Bieber doesn’t like any kinds of chocolate but Twix. One of the interesting facts about Justin Bieber is that he can solve a rubric cube in less than a minute. This left-handed popular singer’s hair was sold on eBay for $40.000.