Do You know Quiznos Nutrition Facts? Quiznos is only one among many other sub shops which offer various delicious menus. However, are those delicacies good for your health? The Quiznos nutrition facts would answer your question, thus you can assess the benefits or the risks of consuming such food. Surely, the delicious taste should not make you sacrifice your health. In this case, the nutrition facts can be analyzed based on each menu of Quiznos.

The Classic Subs

Quiznos Nutrition Facts

The first part of Quiznos nutrition facts is the Classic Subs. This menu consists of three sizes, including the small, regular, and also large. From these sizes, you can simply conclude that the largest sub contains more calories, sodium and also fat than the smaller ones. Besides, the levels of nutrient are determined by the type of bread, meats and toppings. For breads, there are Italian White, Rosemary Parmesan and Italian Herb. For meats and toppings, the choices vary widely: Classic Italian Ham, Pepperoni, Capicola and Salami. Besides, you can enjoy Mozzarella, black olives, lettuce, and tomatoes. If you love onions and red wine vinaigrette, you can enjoy them too.

The amount of calories in a sub can reach up to 350 cal, where the 120 cal are from fat. Additionally, a sub has 40mg cholesterol and 1190mg Sodium. And then, carbohydrate also becomes the essential part of Quiznos nutrition facts. Comparing to rice and other similar foods, sub offers the lower level of carbs, only about 40 grams. Sub contains protein, but not as much as the soybean has, since it is only 18 grams. The nutrition fact of Quiznos sandwich is beneficial especially when you start your diet program and make a list of some possible foods you can and cannot take for this program. Absolutely, you will think twice to add cheese and dressing into your sub if you know that you would have eaten 135 more calories. So, a Quiznos sandwich contains almost 500 calories.

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Other Menu Options

The question now is about the Quiznos nutrition facts of other menu options. When you prefer to order the other meats or other options than the abovementioned meats, dressing and topping, you need to find the nutrition facts too. The Quiznos Tuna contains more than 2000 calories. Certainly, including this one into your diet program would be extremely scary!! The saturated fat is definitely unhealthy and it means you better choose the other meat of you do not wish extra fat on your tummy and other parts of your body. Instead, you can load up your Quiznos sandwich with healthy veggies, for examples mushrooms and tomatoes. In short, sandwich is still worthy to be included into your diet menu as long as you could make the right choice to eat.