Those who were spending their teenage years in the ’90s must have known some Selena Quintanilla facts. She was a great Latin music singer and murdered by her fan. But there are still some other interesting things that most people haven’t heard of.

The Heartbreaking Selena Quintanilla Facts

Born on April 16 in 1971, the little Selena was already love singing. Her family was also having a family band. Of course, the teen Selena was the lead singer. Keep on reading to find the whole story of the woman who is titled the Mexican Madonna.

  1. Happy Childhood 

Selena spent her childhood in Lake Jackson, Texas with the goodwill of her dad Abraham Jr., and her mother Marcella Quintanilla. Abraham Jr was already a singer since the 50s, in which he was leading a band of Mexican rock and roll music. It was the beginning of Tejano music. The popularity of this genre was in Mexico, as well as the US. But, Abraham was resigning from the band when he decided to marry Marcella.

Abraham and Marcella had other two kids besides Selena. Selena was the youngest one. Her talent was already seen by his father since she was six years old. Then, the family formed its own family band. Selena was the leading singer, and other family members play a musical instrument.

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  1. Performing in A Family Restaurant

The family was frequently performing in a family restaurant, the one that Abraham owned in 1980. The name of the band was Selena y Los Dinos. The band performed only on weekends because Selena and her siblings had to focus on the study. But, the band also performed at several parties, particularly weddings.

Their performances attracted local fans. Unfortunately, Abraham was broke and he closed down his restaurant. Then, the family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas as Abraham wanted his family to dwell in his hometown. He started his business all over again. The band was also starting its local concerts like what it used to do. Yet, the band got lots of attention from fans when it participated in one of Tejano music shows. At that time, Selena was only eleven years old.

That was the time when studying was no longer important for her. She focused more on her music career and gave up school in the eighth grade. But, she decided to enroll in some courses at the American School in Chicago, where she earned a General Education Diploma (GED) in 1989.

  1. True Love Life

The guitarist of Selena’s band, Christopher Gilbert Pérez was the love of her life. They have known each other since they were very young, and they finally got married in 1992. Christopher was the guitarist that replaced the previous one in the band. Selena and Chris stated that they loved each other at Pizza Hut, the long-time favorite restaurant of the singer. Until the day Selena died, they don’t have any children. But, Chris was once buying land, as wide as 10 acres, because he and Selena had planned to have a ranch before they got married.

  1. The Peak Of Her Success

In the early ’80s, Selena had recorded with Freddie Records. But, the result was just average. She was reaching her success in 1985 with “Dreaming of You” album. This was the album with such high selling copies, which reached 200,000 on the first launching day. It broke the record of Mariah Carey’s sales which reached a similar number within one week. She was titled as the Best Selling Latin Artist by Billboard Magazine.

Before 1995, her album in 1994, titled Amor Prohibido was sold more than five million copies. A year before, her album “Live” was a great success with approximately 1,500,000 copies sold. Total albums that she had sold within six years of her peak of popularity reached 20,000,000. All five albums consecutively accomplished the Billboard 200 top Selling albums. Only the legendaries like The Beatles and Elvis who could ever do it.

  1. Her Tragic Death

Why is it tragic? It was because Selena was just reaching her fame and gaining millions of fans worldwide. Unfortunately, one of her fans killed her. The chronology was started when Selena was about to expand her company, a boutique with a beauty salon called Selena Etc.

Selena trusted Yolanda Saldivar to manage the company which has two branches in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Saldivar was also the Selena fan club president. Selena put their trust in her. Unlike Selena, all her family members were already having negative thoughts toward her. Her sister, father, and mother had insisted her to fire Saldivar, as they said that she was cunning.

Selena never trusted what their family members had said, as she always thought that everyone around her is always good. One day, Saldivar asked Selena to come to a motel where Saldivar stayed. Saldivar promised to deliver some documents. But, Saldivar broke her promise.

On the next day, March 31, 1995, Selena planned to meet Saldivar alone at the same place. After hard arguments between the two women, Saldivar shot Selena in the shoulder. Selena was badly wounded and failed to survive after losing lots of blood for an hour.


Her death was a great shock to the international music industry. She was still active in the role of Coca Cola ambassador at that time. Coca-Cola once was releasing Selena coke bottles, in which they were always sold out.

On her death, she was wearing her favorite sparkling purple gown, which she was wearing at Tejano Music Awards one month before. The commemoration of the singer was shown through a film, titled “Selena – The Movie”. Jennifer Lopez played the role of Selena, in which she was highly paid. Lopez played the role in the movie, while Veronica Vazquez played the role of Selena for the musical background.

The Everlasting Queen of Tejano

Selena Quintanilla facts have proven that Selena remains at the heart of her fans, due to her kindness toward everyone. She didn’t even realize that her closest friend hated her so much. So far, there was no other Tejano music queen who can replace Selena’s position.

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