Smoking in car facts will be provided in this article so that you can prevent any harm happened by smoking in the car. Cars that are used as smoking places are contaminated with nicotine and are dangerous to the health of drivers and other passengers.

The habit of smoking cigarettes in the car cabin can be fun for some drivers. However, every breath of smoke from cigarette sticks can harm other people and pollute the car cabin from the negative substances that cigarette smoke produces. This condition becomes latent if car owners do not stop smoking in the car and clean the cabin with intensive care regularly. Before we discuss it further, read Facts About Smoking.

Smoking In Car Facts

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Smoking in car facts related to human’s health

Based on an investigative report entitled “Residual Tobacco Smoke in Used Cars: Futile Efforts and Persistent Pollutants” by Addie L. Fortman, Romina A. Romero, et al from the University of San Diego, published by Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 12 (2010), partly large pollutants from cigarettes, especially nicotine will settle in the cabin of the car even if the window is opened when the passenger or driver smokes.

According to the report, the dashboard is the area most exposed to Tobacco Smoke Pollutant (TSP). Nicotine and other toxic substances will also land on the seats, gear lever, and contaminate dust in every corner of the car cabin interior.

Toxic substances are prone to enter the body of car passengers through the respiratory tract, or stick to the skin. Pollutant volume will accumulate every time the driver and passenger smoke in the car. The more often the car is used as a smoking area, the more polluted the air and components in the car cabin.

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The University of San Diego report also noted that car owners who smoke very often are not diligent in cleaning the interior of their car. The consequence is that the condition of the car cabin is increasingly polluted. The interior of a car that is often used as a smoking area is also polluted from outside air, because the windows are opened more often than cars that are not used to smoke.

Quoting the results of the research “Observed Smoking in Cars: A Method and Differences by Socioeconomic Area” by Josh Martin, Robert George, et al, from Wellington School Medicine & Health Science, University of Otago New Zealand, smoking activity is most often carried out by drivers. Out of 659 people In a number of areas in New Zealand who smoke in cars, 95.3 percent of them are drivers, while non-smoking passengers become passive smokers, which is no less dangerous to health.

Taking notes from the World Health Organization, people who become passive smokers have a 25-35 percent higher risk of developing coronary heart disease than those who are free from cigarette smoke. Lung cancer also lurks those who are secondhand smoke.

How to clean your car from cigarette smokes

There is a practical way to clean nicotine and other harmful substances from cigarette smoke from car interior parts, namely using white vinegar. The trick, put one glass of white vinegar in the cup holder and another bowl of white vinegar on the floor of the car. Leave the white vinegar in a car with all the vents closed for a day or so.

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After that, clean all parts of the car interior using a cleaning fluid so that the dust from the cigarettes disappears. Wash all carpets and upholstery with high pressure water, plus a deodorizing shampoo. Brush all parts so that the dirt is no longer stuck. The cabin filter also needs to be replaced so that there is no more dust and dirt sticking to the smell.

Those are smoking in car facts. We hope it can be useful for you, readers!