Do you curious in knowing facts about Bulgaria? Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Southeastern Europe. The area of this country reach the total of 110,879 square kilometres bordering the Black Sea. Bulgarian is its official language and written in Cycrillic alphabet. It is not the same with other Europe countries because the currency it used is not in euro but in its own currency known as Lev (BGN).

This country is mostly visited by the local and overseas tourists who are willing to discover the beauty of Bulgaria especially for its numerous archeological and natural areas. This country is including as a country that offer the greatest religious freedom in the world. It is called a center of religious tolerance by that reason.

Unique Facts about Bulgaria: It has found the world’s oldest known gold treasure, the Varna Necropolis Treasure

Around 3000 gold objects dated as more than 6,000 years old according to Archeologists believes were found in 294 graves in 1972 in Varna, the third largest city in Bulgaria. Those precious treasure are kept in Varna Museum of Archeology. You may see them there.

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Bulgaria is the only European country which its name is never changed since it was founded

Bulgaria pre-dates the Roman Empire and that makes it one of the first countries to be established in Europe. Back in 681 AD, the local Slavic and Asian Turkic inhabitants were founded to be successfully unite to create the first Bulgarian Empire. The name of the country today was derived from their ancestors which represent the empire 1300 years ago. The name remained unchanged or unmodified.

Near 30% of Bulgaria zone is covered with forests

It is expected that around 8,000,000 acres of Bulgaria are forest land. This can be proven by its 40 mountains scattered on its territory. No wonder that such reason makes one of the favorite outdoor activities of Bulgarians are mountaineering and skiing.

Bulgarian has the world’s most accurate ancient calendar

A solar-based calendar has been created by Bulgars, a Central Turkic tribe. It was declared in 1976 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)  as the most accurate calendar in the world. You may find it quite similar to the Chinese calendar with elements such as water, fire, earth, tree, and metal. Some scholars believed that the ancient calendar was made in 2350 BC and the other experts claimed that it dates back to 5505 BC.

Bulgaria is included as one of the largest producers of Rose oil in the world

Along with Turkey, this country produces about 80% of the world’s Rose oil. This popular key ingredient mostly used by perfumers or cosmetic chemists to make perfumes and beauty products. Rose oil is considered as an expensive component since 1,000 roses are needed to produce only 1 gram of rose oil. Rose Valley region located in the south of the Balkan Mountains is where you can find the roses in Bulgaria.

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Bulgarian monks has invented Cycrillic Alphabet

Bulgaria language is written in Cyrillic, an alphabet which has been used in most Slavic nations including Russia and other Balkan countries. It has been used since the 10th century during the 1st Balkan Empire by two monks named Cyril and Methodius.

Bulgaria’s popular attraction is Rilla Cross

One of an interesting fact about Bulgaria is Housed in the Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, a wooden cross with 104 biblical scenes and around 650 microscopic figures. A monk named Rafail in 1802 has crafted it and lost his sight after working on it for 12 years. By using magnifying lens and burins, he worked on the 81 x 43 cm wood.

Those are facts about Bulgaria that you need to know. We hope this article can increase your insight about Bulgaria. Any plan to visit Bulgaria after read those facts about Bulgaria? Find more Country Facts.