Do you know sunglasses facts? Wearing sunglasses for some of you can make your performance more interesting. Because of this reason, sometimes the sunglasses are more about stylish than about its main purpose. Sunglasses is designed to block more sunlights through the eyes. But now, people more use it to make their style look more interesting.

You can get much benefits when using sunglasses. Here in this article you can find some of sunglasses facts that you need to know. Especially if you are curious about the facts of sunglasses. Happy reading, readers!

Sunglasses Facts

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Some of Sunglasses Facts You Need to Know

  1. Sunglasses “invented” 2,000 years ago. The Inuit (eskimo) created snow glasses out of animal bones, leather and wood. There is a small gap that allows only the smallest light to enter. This effectively protects the eyes from the dazzling sunlight reflected off the snow. Talk about innovation!
  2. Italian eyewear conglomerate Luxottica owns almost every popular sunglass brand sold worldwide as well as Sunglass Hut. The Luxottica brand includes icons like Ray-Ban and Persol in addition to most of the fashion brands that have licensing deals with companies such as Tiffany & Co, Prada, Chanel, D&G and many more.
  3. Hot glasses trends change from year to year, but most always come back in style. We’ve gone from aviator, to cat’s eye, to round, to oversized, and now little sunglasses are very popular. Celebrities and fashion magazines always decide what is and what is not. It is important to note that not all styles match your face. It is always best to go to a retail store and try new styles before buying.
  4. National Glasses Day falls on Thursday, 27 June 2019. This day is about celebrating the importance of using eye protection to protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Save the date!
  5. Polaroid glasses that offer protection from UV rays were invented in 1936. Previously, colored sunglasses only reduced the glare of the sun that was exposed to the eyes. A side note, we love you Bette Davis!
  6. The green Ray Ban Aviator, One of the most popular models in eyewear history, was originally created in the early 1930s and functioned to protect pilots from high-altitude glare. Ray-Ban aviators are among the bestselling eyewear of all time.
  7. In the United States someone loses, breaks, or sits on his sunglasses every 14 minutes. Always protect your sunglasses with a case. Over your head doesn’t count!
  8. Two famous songs about sunglasses that keep sticking in our heads are ZZ Top’s ‘Cheap Glasses’ and Corey Hart’s ‘Sunglasses at Night’. You’re humming either of the two now, aren’t you?
  9. In 2004, Oakley developed the Thump, a sunglass with a built-in digital audio player. sunglasses with a built-in wireless mobile headset called Razrwire the created by company one year later. Radar Pace technology has recently been a unique training program for active users.
  10. If you spend time outdoors, you will benefit from wearing sunglasses. Seeing the world through a polarized lens makes your visuals sharper, with less glare and increased color and contrast. You also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  11. First appeared in 1953 and worn by countless celebrities, from James Dean to Andy Warhol to Tom Cruise, the Ray Ban Wayfarer is reportedly the best-selling style in history. Can you believe that Tom Cruise was responsible for Ray-Ban’s spike in sales records for wearing him in his films?
  12. Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory. They can complement your outfit, make a bold statement, change your appearance and let’s be honest, don’t you feel more confident in them? If you have the means, don’t limit yourself to one perfect match, try new styles and shapes that you think you can’t.
  13. Known for being eccentric from head to toe, Sir Elton John is almost invisible without a pair of funky prints, making him the ultimate fashion icon. It is believed that his inventory is one of the most exclusive because his collection of sunglasses number over 1,000 pairs.
  14. Finally, eye health is not something to joke about. Protecting your eyes from the sun is an important part of maintaining healthy eyesight. Always look for sunglasses with 100% UV protection, like the newest Maui Jim’s.
  15. Cheap round sunglasses can be just as good at blocking out the sun as expensive sunglasses. However, expensive sunglasses tend to incorporate all the technologies involved in protecting the eyes for complete eye protection.
  16. There is an ongoing debate about whether eyebrows should be visible or not when wearing sunglasses. While some views show eyebrows to be evil, others think it completely depends on the shape of the face. No conclusion has been reached.
  17. American rock band ZZ Top released its hit single called Cheap Sunglasses In 1980.
  18. British singer Elton Jones love for weird sunglasses and this inspired the 1998 Elton Jones sunglasses. She is considered as the owner of the world’s largest collection of sunglasses.
  19. The famous and fashionable Top Gun Ray-ban aviator is a product of science, not fashion, and it was intended to reduce ailments and headaches caused by glare from the intense hue of the sky at high altitude. The product has specific original purpose, that it was designed for U.S Air Service pilots by Bausch & Lomb who are a medical equipment manufacturer. This product is a combination of green lenses and Polaroid technology and designed for such purpose.
  20. It was reported that Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire wore a polished emerald while watching Gladiator fights.
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Chopard and the luxurious sunglasses

Chopard is the creator of the world’s most expensive sunglasses, valued at $ 400,000 and it is the Swiss luxury company. The shades are so precious which are made of 60 grams of 24K gold and decorated with 51 diamonds. The sleeve of the glasses are made of dotted gold which gives a unique look to these designer glasses.

Those are some of sunglasses facts that you may want to know. Hope this article can give you much benefits! You can also read Facts About Glass in our site.