Learning some facts about our favorite sport is always interesting. If you play tennis, it is interesting to learn about its history and other worth-knowing tennis facts. Not only does it add to your repertoire, knowing further information about a particular sport will make you more engaged with the sport. Here are ten facts about tennis that a tennis enthusiast should know. 

Tennis facts about the history 

Ancient tennis was first played in the 12th – 13th centuries in France. At that time, the game did not use a ball but the palm of the hand. That is why the game is called jeu de paume, which means “game of the palm”. Modern tennis began in the late 1800s when a British Army officer named Walter Clopton Wingfield created the foundation for modern tennis. In 1875 new rules were introduced, and two years after that, the Wimbledon Tournament was held for the first time.

The shortest tennis match

On average, tennis matches last about 90 minutes to 2 hours. There are even some matches that last up to five hours. You will be surprised knowing that there was a tennis match done in just 20 minutes. It happened a long time ago, in 1936. The game was between Baron Gottfried Von Cramm and Fred Perry. Both of them were the legends of tennis as they won many Grand Slams and Pro Slams. Perry’s shortest game was won with a score of 6-1, 6-1, and 6-0.

The loudest recorded grunt 

It is common for tennis players to grunt when they are playing. The grunt helps with the rhythm when they are hitting the ball. As a result, they can hit the ball harder. Besides, the grunt gives them confidence in the game. How loud is the grunt? Generally, it is about 70 decibels. Do you know who the loudest grunter is? It is Maria Sharapova, a former professional tennis player from Russia. She broke the record by grunting over 100 decibels. Can you imagine that? It is almost similar to the loudness of a lion’s grunt. 

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The oldest tennis competition 

The first modern tennis competition is the Wimbledon Championship. It was the first time in 1877, and since then, it has been held annually until today. The event took place over a couple of weeks, from late June to early July. The popularity of Wimbledon keeps growing now. It was only absent a few times during 1915-1918 and 1940-1945 due to the First and Second World Wars.

The history of a tennis ball 

You would be surprised knowing that the first tennis ball was very different from what you use today. In the 15th century, it was made from a combination of wool and leather. As time changed, the materials were replaced with rubber. The color also changed. Initially, the color of a tennis ball was white. Then, ITF set the regulation of standard tennis balls, including the paint. Fluorescent yellow is selected because it is more visible than white.

The history of racquets 

Just like the tennis ball, the tennis racquet was also evolved. Tennis racquets were originally made of wood. Hornbeam, maple, and sycamore were some of the popular woods to make racquets during 1870 – 1970 due to their strength. As wooden racquets were considered too heavy, starting in the 1980s, racquets were made from metal and alloy. As technology became more advanced, carbon fiber and Nanomaterials have been common since the 90s. It is predicted that the materials for racquets will keep evolving. In the future, perhaps, people will use piezoelectric material to make tennis racquets.

The youngest player in Wimbledon

Some tennis players seem to earn their talents from childhood. No wonder that many teen players made outstanding achievements in tennis tournaments. The youngest tennis player who ever played at the Wimbledon competition is . This Czech tennis player won the Wimbledon girl’s junior title in 1994 when she was still 13. She must have learned tennis from her parents, who were also tennis players. Martina went pro when she turned 14 years old. It led to controversy as the Women’s Tennis Association had prohibited 14-year-olds from joining regular tour events.

Other famous tennis events 

Wimbledon is definitely the oldest and the most prestigious tennis event globally, but it is not the only one. Among the biggest major tennis tournaments are the US Open, French Open, and Australian Open. The US open established in 1968, although the first competition was held in 1881. Meanwhile, the French Open started in 1891, and the Australian Open was first played in November 1905. There are still other widely-known events such as BNP Paribas Open, ATP Finals, and Summer Games Tennis Tournament in addition to those four championships.

The legends from the tennis world 

Many legends were born from the tennis world. Among the greatest players of all time are Pete Sampras, Rod Laver, Rod Laver, and Rafael Nadal. Do not ever call you a tennis enthusiast if you have never heard those names. Those players above get their fame because they have won many Grand Slam titles. 

About the Wimbledon trophy 

Do you notice that the Wimbledon trophy features a pineapple? Have you ever questioned why there is a pineapple on the trophy? Although many people have wondered why, unfortunately, there is no exact answer to the question. Even though the origins are lost in time, several theories are explaining what the pineapple trophy symbolizes. 

Many people believe that it’s because of pineapple’s reputation as the fruit of the wealthy in the 1700s – 1800s. At that time, pineapples were not widely available in Europe. That was why the price was so high. The tropical fruit was considered as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It was often used to welcome guests in the home of the upper classes. That’s probably why the Wimbledon trophy features a pineapple. It really becomes one of the astonishing tennis facts. 

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