Do you know Subway Nutrition Facts? As we know Subway is an icon of the franchised sandwich shop and you can find the outlets all around the world. Subway offers various menus of sandwiches, condiments and breads. Besides, you could find side orders which let you to create the custom-made meals. Apart from the presence of many different menus, what makes Subway really special? If you are a health conscious person, you will be impressed by the Subway nutrition facts which are published on all menu items. This is the great idea which lets people know about the amount of nutrients they would have eaten.

How Subway Display the Nutrition Facts

How is Subway nutrition facts displayed? The Subway has its own way to do it. The information sheet is divided into some categories and it will be very helpful for you to look at the nutrition facts of each menu easily. Some of the categorizations are such as sandwiches, breakfast and pizza, and also salads. And then, the next categories are for examples breads, condiments and desserts as well as the sides and beverages. The display of nutrition facts consist of the serving size and the total amount of various substances such as fat (including the saturated fat and trans fat), total calories and sugar. Besides, you could find the list of sugar, sodium, fiber, protein, carbs, calcium, iron and vitamins.

Let’s Count the Sandwich Nutrition

Subway Nutrition Facts

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However, you will not find one by one display here, since the first one of Subway nutrition facts you will read now is the general Subway sandwich nutrition. A Big Pastrami has 580 calories, the same with the Meatball Marinara subs. If you wish to include Subway sandwich into your diet list, please avoid adding Subway tuna. This is the fattiest sandwich which contains 30 grams of fat. Instead, the Veggie Delight will help you t remove the fats in your tummy with its only 230 calories (the lowest of all) and also2.5 grams of fat.

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What about the bread? There are some types of bread to choose, such as Honey Oat, Parmesan Oregano and also 9-grain Wheat. Besides, there are Italian White, Italian Herbs, Monterey Cheddar as well as the Hearty Italian. Also, the Mini Wheat Bread and Wheat English Muffin are delicious. In this case, these breads have almost the same nutrition facts. The Italian White bread has the lowest calories (200 cal), while the Honey Oat contains the highest calories with 260 cal. However, the amount of nutrition may vary from one shop to another, especially the global variations. So, the global variations in United States will be different from the variations in other countries. After reading the Subway nutrition facts, you can decide which menu you would and wouldn’t have taken.