How good is your knowledge about weird shark facts? This creature might be popular as a predator, with its giant size and scary teeth.  Some kids think that this is the ‘king of the sea’, just like a lion in the jungle. As a matter of fact, there are weaknesses of sharks that fewer people notice.

Weird Shark Facts; How Good Is Your Knowledge About This Sea Creature?

There are some facts that might surprise everyone about the shark. Even the circumstance of baby shark, like what is described in nursery rhymes, is not even close. Sharks and their‘ family members ‘ have their own lives. So, keep on reading to find facts about sharks and their overall well-being.

Baby Shark And Its “Happy Family”

The nursery rhyme ‘Baby Shark’ has attracted millions of people worldwide. It is proven by the video on YouTube which has reached seven million viewers.  The baby shark has a very happy family with a mommy and daddy, as well as a grandmother and a grandfather. Kids must have imagined that a baby shark grows with their parents. The fact is that the mother of a baby shark directly leaves the baby alone.  Some mother sharks eat their babies!  Of course, a baby shark cannot expect to have a loving daddy like what the song is all about.  The male shark is leaving right away after mating.

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Though it is not a significant cause of the declining shark species, it may relate to the slow growth of sharks. This is why, there is some fish conservation center that separates pups from their mother, right after they were born. This is to ensure that they are safe and ready to get back to the habitat when they are strong enough.

Boneless Creatures

We often imagine boneless sea creatures have a shape like jellyfish, worms, starfish, sponge, and squids.

Don’t be surprised that even the biggest shark has no bone! Sharks are boneless. Unlike Dolphin Facts, Sharks are like rays and sawfish. They use the cartilaginous tissues for filtering oxygen from water.  The tissues play the part of the backbones. They are very light. But, you must be wondering why sharks can swim here and there without their backbones, due to their large size. The answer is the livers contain oils with low density, so it supports the body to have a bigger mass and afloat.

Many people that sharks have bones because many geologists found sharks fossils. The fact is that sharks keep calcium on the cartilage. The calcium is also deposited on the jaws. As you can see, sharks’ jaws are very big and tough.

Ancient Creatures

Weird Shark Facts - Frilled Shark and Greenland Shark

Speaking about fossils, yes it is true that sharks have been around for hundreds of millions of years ago. Their existence was before the dinosaurs existed in which dinosaurs existed 200 million years after sharks. Several kinds of ancient sharks include the Frilled shark and Greenland shark

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Shark Anatomy

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Gills are the main instrument for breathing. Some species also use both gills and mouth to breathe in which sharks suck the water from the mouths and pass it through the gills. But, such a thing only applies to several species. Some species only count on gills to breathe like white sharks and shortfin mako. When they stop swimming, then they stop breathing.

Perfect Visioning  Ability

Not all sharks can see perfectly in the dark, though most of the species can do it. They also recognize different colors, thanks to the tapetum, the tissue reflective layer behind the eyeballs. They can see its surroundings in the dark, even in the deepest part of the ocean.

Unique Physical Characteristics

Sharks have electromagnetic detectors! The natural detectors lie on the face. Check out the black, small spots which appear near the mouth, eyes, and nose. Those spots can sense the electromagnetic wave on the ocean.  The detector can also spy on temperature so that sharks will avoid certain places that they consider very cold.

The age of sharks can also be identified in their physical structures. There are bands on the vertebrae which are translucent. The age of the shark is similar to the number of bands. This is like how we count the age of a tree, right? But, the rings may not really show the exact age. But, the estimation is very much close.

The skin of the sharks is very harsh. It is like beach sand stick on to the overall body surface. Marine scientists name them dermal denticles. Those denticles are not without purposes. They can help to reduce the friction when it swims throughout the water.

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How Blue Are The Blue Sharks?

Weird Shark Facts - Blue Shark

Some people were mistakenly thinking that blue sharks are not blue, because the blue color may be the reflection of the seawater. As a matter of fact,  the skin of blue sharks has blue color with white color under the skin. Some other sharks also have a blue color like porbeagle and mako. However, the common colors of sharks are grey and brown.

The Biggest From The Biggest

Size Comparison Shark vs Human

Sharks are the biggest creatures in the sea. But, there is a species that has the biggest measurement. It is the Basking Sharks. The weight reaches five tons with the length reaches 32 feet.

The Scary Teeth

Shark Teeth

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Nothing beats the sharp, pointed teeth of sharks. But, their basic shapes are basically different. Some of them have triangular shapes, while others may have extremely pointed teeth. But, all of them can be much sharper than the sharpest knives! The sharp and tough characteristics are mere because of calcium phosphate.  The teeth of the shark are renewed for a lifetime.  So, sharks never lose their ability to eat prey,  regardless of their old ages.  Some movies that show the ability of sharks in eating human flesh rapidly was not exaggerating. They can even chew sea lions in seconds! Keep in mind that each jaw has fifteen teeth rows.

This ‘Monster’  Has Great Facts!

Those weird shark facts show that sharks are real predators. But of course, they are not a threat to human beings. Their existence as predators is the way to survive.