Wyoming weird facts may be weirder than you might have thought before. The weirdness of this state is the reason why this 44th state of the US becomes very popular. While some people find some facts here are weird, this country still has lots of things to be proud of, which are not weird at all.

Wyoming Weird Facts; Check Them Out

The most popular things about Wyoming are its size and population. It is one of the biggest states in the United States, with very few populations. It may be the reason, why the citizens are proven to be the happiest people, with the lowest rate of sickness. However, other weird and interesting facts about this state include:

  1. The Name 

Wyoming Weird FactsWondering why this state got its name? Wyoming’s word was originated from the word of Native American, mecheweamiing. It means ‘The very big prairie’. It is a historical state which represented the civilizations of Native Americans. It was known well that native American tribes like Arapaho, Shoshone, Arapaho were the earliest inhabitants of Wyoming. Even the name of the capital city, Cheyenne, was the name of the native people in this giant state. The capital, now, has the biggest population among other cities in the state.

  1. The Enormous Area And Its Rich Production

Area Of WyomingThe land area of Wyoming is more than 250,000 km². It ranks 10 among the biggest states in the US. But, the overall population is the fewest among others. The population is approximately 550,000. However, it is rich in natural sources, which contribute to the state income like natural gas, coal, and oil. Wyoming has two giant mines that can supply 40% of coal needs for the United States. They are The Black Thunder and North Antelope Rochelle.

The state gains high income from manufacturing and agriculture. Tourism also contributes to the state’s major revenue. The gross domestic product of the state is estimated as much as 30 billion dollars per year. It is the main reason that this state ranks 51 with the biggest economic growth among other states in the US.

In the 18th century, worldwide hunters were exploring Wyoming for its great fossils. The fossils were so abundant that the bone fragments of dinosaur bones could become a cabin that local people created. What makes it amazing is that the cabin still exists!

During that time, Cheyenne, was very prosperous, thanks to the highly developing cattle trade. The impact of the Gold Rush was also a great thing for the capital city, due to its massive mineral and gold sources. No wonder, it was one of the richest cities worldwide.

  1. Lots of Inhabited Islands 

Wyoming seems to be a non-coastal state. It is amazing that it has thirty-two islands. But, some of them have no inhabitants. Stevensons Island is one of them. The name was taken from Colonel James D. Stevenson, the popular geologist who played an important role in exploring Wyoming and its islands. Of course, if there are islands, there are also lakes in Wyoming. Among the popular lakes include Jackson Lake and Yellowstone Lake.

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  1. Happy and Healthy People

Isn’t it interesting that people in Wyoming are proven to be very healthy and happy? The reasons are various. First, the state is wealthy with very few populations. Second, the climate is good, so it brings a good mood to the citizens. Wyoming is popular for its continental climate. The third is the beautiful sites throughout the state.

It seems that the main reason for being happy and healthy is the welfare of the state. For your information, the first state with happy and healthy people is Hawaii, and Alaska is in the third rank after Wyoming.

  1. Bison and Flag

Wyoming FlagsYes, the flag of Wyoming has the image of American bison. The flag represents justice and fidelity. The colors in the flag are red-white-blue. Red represents the red skin or native Americans. White is the symbol of uprightness. Blue symbolizes skies and mountains which adorn various places in the state.

But, what does it have to do with a bison? This American buffalo is easy to find in Wyoming. The state also chose bison as the official state mammal.

The role of Bison was very high during the centuries when Native Americans were still inhabiting the state. They were the main transportation for transporting goods and foods. Native Americans consumed their meat and used its skin for clothing. Several tribes also used bison as the symbol of spirituality.

However, the existence of bison was diminishing when settlers from Europe were coming into the state. It was the time when the Spanish Empire tried to claim Southwestern Wyoming, during the Mexican – American War. But, at the beginning of the 19th century, the federal government made a strict law against bison hunting.

Have you ever heard about Bison burger? Who would deny it? People in Wyoming will never say ‘No’ to this burger. Bison meat is rich in nutrition. It contains lower fat than that in cow and sheep. The best thing about Bison meat is its richness in protein.

  1. Well Established University
University of Wyoming

Graduation ceremonies held on May 12, 2018 in the Arena Auditorium on campus.
Graduates received degrees from all the colleges and schools across campus.

Wyoming is also proud of its well-established university which was established in 1886. The University of Wyoming may not be the oldest one in the United States. The unique thing about this university was its establishment in Wyoming was when the state was not part of the US officially.

  1. The Empowerment of Women

Believe it or not, having a female governor was not a common thing in the US. But, Wyoming was the first state that elected a woman as the governor. Wyoming was also the first state in the US that gave rights for women to vote. It was in 1869 when women after 21 were empowered to own equal rights with men.

There is no doubt that Wyoming weird facts are very imposing. This state boasts almost anything that other states don’t. Do you agree?